• As long as there is a heart beat, positive and negative energy is produced in the body. When analyzing the hair through a full-body analysis using a muscle response technique, weaknesses in the body’s system are detected. Through a full body work-up, all major organs, nerves, structural, and chiropractic weakness are assessed.

     When a weakness is found, it is paired with a specific, strategically selected blend of herbs, which creates balance in the body and allows the body to optimally begin the healing process.

To proceed with a hair analysis, you will need to complete the following:

  • Cut a sample from the mane closest to the poll, at a minimum of 20 strands and no larger than a writing pen in diameter.
  • Place the sample in an envelope with the horses name, owners contact information and a check of $25 payable to Simply Equine.

Mail the envelope to:

8155 Highway 110 North
Tyler, Texas 75704

(903) 279-7578