Horse Hair Analytics

How it Works:


As long as there is a heartbeat, positive and negative energy is produced in the body. When analyzing the hair through a full-body analysis using a muscle response technique, weaknesses in the body’s system are detected. Through a full body work-up, all major organs, nerves, structural, and chiropractic weakness are assessed.

 When a weakness is found, it is paired with specific, strategically selected blend of herbs, which creates balance in the body and allows the body to optimally begin the healing process.

To proceed with a hair analysis, you will need to complete the following. Cut a sample from the mane closest to the poll, at a minimum of 20 strands and no larger than a writing pen in diameter. Place the sample in an envelope with the horses name, owners contact information, and a check of $25 payable to SimplyEquine. Mail the envelope to:

Simply Equine


8155 Highway 110 North 

Tyler, Texas 75704

 (903) 279-7578