K-9 Soft Tissue Blend

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This formula helps to repair compromised body tissue by strengthening connective tissue. Known to reduce swelling acting as a natural anti-inflammatory to injuries or conditions affecting the joints.



Blend: Bladderwack, Devil’s Claw Root, Dulse Leaf, Frankincense, Hawthorn, Horsetail Herb, Irish Moss Herb, Kelp, Peppermint Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Scullcap Herb, White Oak Bark, Yucca Root.

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Weight 1.10 oz

1 review for K-9 Soft Tissue Blend

  1. Brenda

    I give this to all my dogs but I have seen a major change in my two older females that were starting to waste away in their back areas. Now they are stronger and get around much better. I am no longer seeing the slipping on the floor and they are still running and playing.

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