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So last week, I sent hair in to a Simply Equine rep in hopes to find what was missing from Ginger’s diet so that I could custom blend her a supplement. When I got the call today, I couldn’t have expected that what she was about to tell me was so in depth and spot on. She was able to pinpoint exactly where Ginger was hurting, and that she had ulcers in her hind gut, a combination of which was causing her severe anxiety and fear, triggering the flight and kicking, thus making training difficult. Seriously though, get ahold of my girl Bekkie Bowerman, send her some hair and get your horses healthy! It may make a world of difference!
- Nikki Cox
Tomorrow marks ten days on Simply Equine so I thought I’d post a little update on the changes I’ve noticed! Almost right away, I noticed a major change in her level of fear and flight response! She no longer wants to run from me, instead she actually comes to me when I enter her pen! A horse in pain is a horse that wants away from you! She no longer wants to kick and she’s even eating better! Ginger is now leading by all 4 feet AND her barrel.. That is huge for us. I’m almost certain we will be riding before too long now that I have her mind!
- Nikki Cox
When I heard Simply Equine was going to start doing hair analysis for dogs I got SO excited because I’ve had such amazing results with my horses. After getting results back I had found out that Baya was sore in her hocks, & stifles. But it was just soft tissue not actually the joint. To me this made sense with how active she is, and every time she’d lay down to rest she’d start licking her hocks & stifles. Her cranial nerve #2 was also blocked, which controlled the muscles around her eyes, and around her mouth. Which is SO interesting because she tends to run into A LOT of things. And I always though it was because she couldn’t see very well. She also had a compulsive licking the air habit in stressful situations. I was recommended to BEMER over that nerve, along with two other blends of herbs. The two herbal blends she called for was K9 Tissue Support, & K9 Calmer. After about 2-3 weeks of adding this gravy flavored herbs to her food every night it’s like I have a whole new dog. 80% less “compulsive stress air licking” & she can keep her eyes on the ball way better! Baya would also get really grumpy in the afternoons towards other dogs, and now she’s much more playful all the time! Baya has always been an extremely active dog, and now going on long trots with me and my horses are a breeze. I can tell how much these two blends of herbs have helped her, and now my dogs will always get hair analysis, and Simply K9 herbs!
- Bobbie Jo Newman
Simply Equine products have been a game changer for my horses and my program. From my standby product of Structural Boost to specialty blends that Heather has made for certain horses with a specific issue, I have never been disappointed and have seen some amazing results. The products have saved on a number of trips to the vet. I love how the hair analysis takes the guess work out of health issues and allows me to taylor the supplements to each individual horse’s needs. My horses have never felt better. Since starting them all on Simply Equine products, their success and soundness has improved tremendously.
- Cami Bauer
I started using Simply Equine almost 4 years ago when I had a couple of people recommend Heather. I was pretty skeptical at first but went into it open minded. Recommendations were made that I have a chiropractor adjust my horses. I was shocked when they found the same problems Heather had told me that my horses had. I was a believer from then on!! Over the years I have used MANY of the SE products on my horses. Two of my favorites are the Immune builder and the Respiratory support. I have a lot of young horses and travel many miles so it’s very important to keep their immune system built up and the Respiratory is great for the hot/dry/dusty environments we encounter. I have noticed better breathing especially after making a run on my horses. I highly recommend SE and the many great products they have.
- Sissie Wherell
I was first introduced to Simply Equine through a horse that had been seen by several vets, none of which seemed to be able to identify the problem. This was my last hope that we may be able to find the problem. After doing a little research and learning about Simply Equine I decided to run an analysis on all my horses. It was easy and very affordable. I got the call to go through the results for each horse and have been a firm believer ever since. Every weak spot or problem was addressed on each horse along with a plan of action to get them feeling 100%. Simply Equine has been a huge asset to me and my horses. They stay on the road 9 months out of the year and their health is number one to me. Heather has ALWAYS been only a phone call away and goes the extra mile to make sure my horses stay at the top of their game. I use Simply Equine on every horse I own and haul. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an equine athlete.
- Randall Carlise, 3 X NFR Qualifier
I’ve been using Simply Equine about 5 years now. I had a horse that was chronically sore in his back when you would palpate his lower back it hurt him. I had been to my vet and chiropractor over and over, But the soreness always returned. I was frustrated and thought I would try Simply Equine, because I had heard so much good about other people's results. I sent his hair off and got his results that he was having Kidney issues. That’s when I had the aha moment.

I had recently started running this horse on Lasix. That was the one thing that had changed. I went ahead and ordered the herbs, and I had dramatic results within three days. For the first in months you could press firmly on his back and he didn’t care! From that day forward, I was sold! I have since continue to use the product on multiple horses and have had great results! I have even used the hair analysis on a pre-purchase exam before on something that was questionable. The company is very easy to work with and you get quick results back on your analysis. I also had another horse that was having lameness issues that had the vets stumped. I sent the hair off to SE and she proceeded to tell me what she found. This horse had an MRI done shortly after I got my simply equine results and the MRI findings were exactly as simply Equine had stated!

My favorite products are probably, the structural boost because it’s just a whole-body wellness product and keeps my horses strong and healthy. The respiratory support works great on any horses with breathing, coughing, or bleeding issues! I’m also really loving the newly released Healthy Gut liquid when I’m traveling and during stressful times. And nothing beats the Cooling Gel!!! It is hands down my favorite product! It works great post workout for cooling down legs and safe to use under wraps! I’m proud to be a part of Simply Equine’s team!
- Ivy Hurst
My first testament to simply equine is for a very “complicated” mare I own. A mare who is incredibly hot and a total head case. She began rearing up at the gate and running off pattern, it was so frustrating. She was also a pain when in heat and really ruffled my feathers on a regular basis. I started her on brain balance, structural boost, hoof support and mare balance and immediately saw a change in her personality. The nutty mare I constantly complained about changed. She turned into a very patient, sweet, and loving mare in a matter of weeks! I couldn’t believe it when I could walk her into an arena during a rake at a barrel race without her attempting to run off towards the barrels. She also was impossible to catch in the pasture for years and suddenly she’s walking right up to me!?!!? Who is this mare!?!? I’ve asked myself that often! I won’t ever stop using simply equine for the simple and utter fact that it works and there’s no other explanation for it. A mare of trouble for years turned into a solid mare in weeks. I stand by this product!

The second horse I will lend testimony to is a new mare I acquired last month. She was a proven mare, however, she was in pain. If she wasn’t on previcox she was totally lame. When I got her, she was good for a minute but quickly picked up a limp on her right front after I got her home. I believed in this mares talents and couldn’t let her club foot be her retirement, knowing she still had years left in her! Before calling my vet out to my farm, I called Bekkie Bowerman for a hair analysis. Bekki pointed out all the obvious in her testing without ever seeing this mare in action recently and it explained so much about why this mare was in pain. I started her 2.5 weeks ago on structural cleanz, hoof support, kidney balance, and digestive balance. Since then, no more previcox because this mare can now operate without it! Simply equine literally replaced my vet, who already told me without even seeing her that she would likely need to be injected! This same mare attended a local barrel race and ran a 2d run and got a check with a 12 year old on her back. She isn’t in pain any longer and that limp she had with a walk is gone, her prance is back lol!!

My third testimony to simply equine is to a gelding I bought for my step daughter. He developed a cinch problem as well as started biting my kiddo! He then refused to go in the gate at barrel races and was not himself. I decided to send in his hair after I got him adjusted by the chiropractor with the problems continuing. The hair came back with all kinds of fun stuff! I started him on structural boost, hoof support, adrenal balance, and kidney balance. Poor guy was so stressed out at runs and the adrenal balance completely stopped this huge gate problem. He calmed down within two weeks and now my little 10 year old step daughter is winning races!!! Just this last weekend she took a first place home and I know what we owe it to, simply equine! I believe in this product 💯 and send all my clients to Bekki for hair samples when their horses are acting strange! Horses are ever changing and just like humans, they need their bodies taken care of in order to perform! If my horse isn’t performing right, life just isn’t right! Simply Equine has helped so many of my friends, clients and my own horses! I am glad I found this product!!! Thanks so much!
- Gretchen Miller
Simply Equine Herbs became a staple in my horses feeding routine 3.5 years ago. I have witnessed multiple positive changes, but I have 1 experience that is by far my most memorable.My good barrel horse Hunk suffered from a cancerous tumor above his right eye. After completing surgery, finishing his chemo treatments & was on the road to recovery I started noticing some setbacks developing such as negative changes in his behavior & less than stellar performances in the arena. After multiple trips to the vets & numerous failed medications I truly didn’t have a choice but to ask GOD for a miracle. I was such an extreme skeptic, but I took Heather’s advice & tried the Simply Equine Eye Formula. In just 2 short weeks Hunk could truly SEE again & completely changed back to his winning ways in & out the arena.Simply Equine Herbs saved my horses barrel racing career & for that I am forever grateful! #110BELIEVER
- TK Lawrence, 3X Badlands/Montana Circuit Finalist, 4X CCA Finals Champion
I love that Simply Equine keeps my horses healthy. Sending in a hair sample is so easy and takes the guess-work out of trying to figure out what’s going on with each horse. I love all the products. As far as the herbs I tend to use the Structural Boost the most as it keeps my young horses who are in heavy training, sound and feeling good. I really like the Cooling Gel and keep it in my trailer to rub legs down after a run, a long strenuous trip, or everyday they have to be in stalls on the road. And my new ABSOLUTE favorite product is the Healthy Gut!!! I’ve been giving it to each horse prior to hauling somewhere. They’ve all ate and drank better while on the road and been more relaxed. I’ve noticed the biggest improvement in my breakaway horse who usually gets nervous – but since giving to him prior to going to each roping, he’s been calm and cool and worked better than he ever has! Ive won two of the last three ropings when giving Heathy Guy to him. I’m a true believer!
-Michelle Alley
Simply Equine products have helped the performance and over all health for my horses for many many years. I have used most of the products at one time or another throughout the years with various horses. I love sending in a hair sample and getting a customized program for each horse. They are athletes and have individualized needs, Heather analyzes the hair and is spot on with my horses. The needs of each horse can change depending on stress levels, injuries etc. When you send a hair sample to Simply Equine, Heather can help with your horses needs and send you the right product for your horse eliminating the guess work. Currently my favorite product is the mare balance . It has done wonders for my moody mare and helps keep her from cycling so often. She is the type that comes in season frequently and it affects her performance and attitude. Race Ready, Structural Boost, Peak Performance are amazing products as well and I use them on a regular basis. There are so many great benefits in using Simply Equine products. I am honored and blessed to be part of Simply Equine’s team.
-Sissy Winn
I have been on my journey with Simply Equine for about 5 years now. It began as a last resort for a barrel horse that I had retired at the age of 12 because no vet could find what was wrong with him and we could not keep him sound. By following Heather's recommendations, we were able to bring him back in about 3 months; that horse to this day is still sound and competing, and is still on Simply Equine products.

Since then I would estimate I have had about 30 horses of my own or that have been in my care on the Simply Equine program, each with their own success story. I have turned to Heather, along with other members of her team for several weird scenarios and have never been disappointed. This past spring my futurity colt suddenly could not walk correctly, he had a sway to him that was not his norm. I had him checked by a local vet as well as my chiropractor, each thought it was strange but had no idea what to do about it. Heather located a weakness in the cranial nerve that controls shoulder function. I was able to find someone to do a cranial nerve release and he recovered and is back to winning! I have wondered ever since if I didn’t have Simply Equine who could have found that, or if I would have gotten that horse back. I could write an entire book about each horses story if given the time! What I love most about this program is that I can typically stay ahead of problems, and I am never guessing what supplements my horse needs.

The constant trial and error I hear from others I no longer deal with. I diligently have my horses hair analyzed every 60 days, and keep them on the Simply Equine products recommended. I have been able to stop giving additional supplements, have not needed an injection in 5 years, and my horses work better than ever! Simply Equine is the single best thing I have ever done for my horses!
- Bekkie Bowerman
This year I was so excited to be named to the Simply Equine Junior Team. I had been using their products for maintaining all of my horses. I love using their natural products that keep my horses in such great health but don’t have harmful side effects. They have a product for almost every need of my equine team.In 2016 my main barrel horse, Rocky suffered a terrible injury to his leg. I was so fortunate to have Heather and Simply Equine be on our team and help me through a prolonged recovery and amazing comeback.

Rocky and I were able to get back to competing. We were even stronger than before his injury and were a winning team. I just knew that 2018 was to be my year!In March of 2018, Rocky once again suffered an injury, which took a while to get a proper diagnosis for. When we finally got the diagnosis, we were told he had torn his deep digital flexor tendon, and that it could be career ending. I was devastated to say the least. I tried so hard to be positive, but it felt like it was impossible. Heather, from Simply Equine, helped structure an entire plan for Rocky’s treatment and recovery. She was very thorough with me, in going through exactly what he would need. She told me this could be recoverable with careful care, management, time, and prayer.

We started using the products she recommended immediately, and the results were incredible. We used many products throughout the course of his recovery, but a big one in addition to the Structural Boost was using Digestive Balance to support his recovery from Ulcers.Rocky was slowly getting back on his feet, but I was still struggling emotionally with feelings of sadness and despair. I didn’t want to get out of bed, or even ride my other horses. I couldn’t believe this had happened again and that the future was uncertain. Finally, one day, Heather took some time with me, and gave me her beautiful testimony on God’s faithfulness and plan. She told me to start a gratitude journal and to force my thoughts to be positive. She reminded me that God loves me, and so do so many other people. This changed my life. She helped me pick myself up and go back to giving myself fully to my horses and to the most important one of all, God.We took Rocky to Colorado State University for his first follow up exam, and the veterinarian was absolutely amazed by his progress. He told me he didn’t know what I had done, but whatever it was to keep doing it! Rocky will be rechecked every 3 months until we feel he is ready to go again. Currently, I am able to ride him at a walk daily, and it is like riding a fire breathing dragon. He walks sound and feels so good it is hard to contain him. He is gloriously healthy with dapples on his coat, and a shine to his eyes.Just recently, I was blessed with a new horse, named Six, to take the load off of Rocky while he finishes his recovery. Six is a beautiful grey quarter horse gelding. He struggled a little at the beginning with his adjustment to his new home. He lost a little condition and seemed a little down on his immune system. Heather stepped in immediately to help Six feel and look his best as the two of us become a team. We used several products. My favorites that will always be in his regimen are, Structural Boost, Immune Support, and Race Ready. Six responded right away to Heather’s protocol. I am grateful to say, with very limited hauling, Six helped me obtain one of my 2018 goals, of winning a 1D title.As I continue my journey forward, I will keep using Simply Equine, and trusting that the Lord will help guide me on His path. Simply Equine’s products speak for themselves, but this company has gone beyond product, and taken interest in helping my horses and me be the best version of ourselves. For this, I will always be grateful.
- Bridgett Romey